Bluber Corporate Image

As an audio-visual agency, Pepitos Brothers also develops brand images and corporate material for companies. This project included the development of the corporate image, naming, logo and branding applications for the restaurant BLUBER located in the centre of Barcelona, in the area of El Born, Calle Carders, number 11.

The project focused on the concept of “sea and mountain”, an idea rooted in Catalan cuisine and culture, as well as being two important elements of the city of Barcelona. However, as the restaurant not only serves food but is also a drinks and cocktails space, we had to think of a concept beyond the obvious reference to the sea and mountain, which consisted of a reflective work based on the imaginary of these two natural elements.

The result is very organic and poetic branding based on natural references such as key drivers of a story so that users can travel without directly seeing the culinary concept of sea and mountain. The corporate colours of the restaurant, radiate the play of colours among waves and wet earth.

The name? Ask about it when we invite you there.